Recommended Placement:

Requires deep watering, but must be well drained or the base will rot. Larger plants will tolerate drought and some cold.


Native to The Canary Islands, this tree when mature is a real conversation piece. It has a thick scaly trunk and after it's the flowering produces limbs that grow in segments, each segment taking 10 to 15 years to mature. The leaves are stiff and fleshy and sprout at the ends of the limbs giving the appearance of fingers when first emerging. If cut, the leaves and stems produce red sap. There are specimens in the Canary Islands thought to be in the region of 350 years old.

Optimal Soil:

Well draining sandy loam.


Single trunk, Umbrella shaped

Ult Height:

Very slowly to 50 feet

Ult Spread:

30 feet

Best exposure:

Full Sun

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