Recommended Placement:

It has the capability to tolerate harsh sunlight and drought conditions. Also freezing temperatures for a short period of time.


This plant has the widest trunk of any palm species and, remarkably it is one of the hardiest. In its homeland of Chile, Jubaea chilensis is now considered an endangered species for the simple reason that it has been over exploited in the past for the manufacture of 'palm wine'. Densely packed pinnate (feather-shaped) gray-blue fronds are a characteristic feature of this palm. In the wind the fronds make a soft crackling sound. It's massive grey trunk can grow up to 6 feet in diameter at the base and tapers at the top.

Optimal Soil:

Well-drained fertile soil, and little water.


Single trunk

Ult Height:

Above 60 feet

Ult Spread:

25 feet

Best exposure:

Full Sun

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