Recommended Placement:

This small tree is an excellent addition to a small garden. It is very slow growing.


Traditionally found in China, Korea , Japan and South Asia. It is often a multi-stemmed tree, with a rounded open growth habit. The bark is a standout feature; smooth, greyish pink and mottled. Its leaves shed every winter, after a spectacular color display, and new leaves come early in the spring. Its leaves are small, circular or oval shaped, and a dark green color which changes to yellow and orange and red in autumn. Flowers on different trees come in variety of colors from white, pink, lavender, purple, hot pink, magenta and red. New bronze leaves emerge in spring, turning green as they mature.

Optimal Soil:

Rich, well draining soil is preferable, but this tree will tolerate most soil types. Will also tolerate some drought conditions.


Multi trunk, Standard trunk

Ult Height:

20 feet

Ult Spread:

20 feet

Best exposure:

Full Sun

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