Recommended Placement:

Requires full sun and is drought tolerant. Grows in hot, dry climates but will also do well in coastal conditions. They are very adaptable and easy to grow.


This is a slow growing tree native to the Mediterranean. Grown commercially for the their Olives, but used in landscape mainly for their beautiful and interesting trunk forms and attractive grey leaves. There are many different varieties of Olives, their trunks and fruit vary in colors and texture. We currently have 'Lucca', 'Sevillano', 'Mission', 'Frantoio' and 'Manzanillo'. All Olives require some processing before they are edible.

Optimal Soil:

Will grow in any type of soil but thrives best in sandy loam.


Multi trunk

Ult Height:

25- 30 feet

Ult Spread:

25 - 30 feet

Best exposure:

Full Sun

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