Recommended Placement:

Can be grown on an arbor, against a wall, but be sure that it will not damage items such as roof tiles when it gets larger. Needs a good support structure. Can also be trained into a small, flat topped tree.


Native to China,this is a woody, twining climber which has very showy flowers. The flowers cascades (called racemes) are 1 to 2 feet long have a strong fragrance and can be purple/blue, white or pink. There are Wisterias in China and Japan that extend over 100 feet. Once established, it is a vigorous grower and can easily get out of control if not trained and pruned. Needs a sturdy support structure to grow on. The plant flowers in the spring before the leaves emerge. The leaves are glossy green, 12 inches long, divided into leaflets. The flowers are followed by furry 6inch long pods.

Optimal Soil:

Wisteria will tolerate most soil types as long as they drain well.


Espalier, Staked, Vine

Ult Height:

10- 30 feet

Ult Spread:

100 feet

Best exposure:

Full Sun

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