Agave americana

(Century Plant)

Ult. Height:
6 feet
Ult. Spread:
10 feet
Best Exposure:
Full Sun
A succulent that has blue colored, fleshy leaves with barbed edges. The leaves can grow up to 4-6 feet long. Usually blooming after one decade, this succulent dies after flowering usually leaving may pups to take its place. This agave can spread to 10 wide and due to it's spiky nature, care should taken when considering its planting position.
Agave Americana 'Marginata' has blue green leaves with yellow edging
Form: Shrub
Best Uses: Beautiful plant used in mass plantings or as an accent plant. Also grows well in pots of sufficient size.
Recommended Placement: Due to the fact that this plant can reach 10 foot spread and because of its barbed leaves, care should be taken in selecting the planting position.
Optimal Soil: It can survive very well in sandy soil, and requires very little water

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