Aloe Bainesii

(Tree Aloe)

Ult. Height:
45 feet
Ult. Spread:
35 feet
Best Exposure:
Full Sun
This aloe is native to South Africa. The trunk and branches are grey, and fork out to form a crown of fleshy green succulent leaves. This aloe flowers in winter. The blooms are an orangey pink shade.
Moderate growth rate when young, slowing down with age.
Form: Single trunk, Umbrella shaped
Best Uses: Grown mainly for the striking appearance of this pre historic looking plant. Juvenile plants grow well in pots.
Recommended Placement: It requires protection from frost. The leaves turn red when frost burned. Needs room to grow, bearing in mind that the truck can become very wide at the base.
Optimal Soil: Well drained humus. Requires adequate water but may get root rot if overwatered.

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