Brugmansia species (Datura)

(Datura, Angel Trumpet Flower)

Ult. Height:
10 feet
Ult. Spread:
8 feet (shrub)
Best Exposure:
Full Sun
A fast growing south American native with large leaves and very striking trumpet shaped flowers which hang upside down from the branches. Flowers can be shades of white, gold, pink and peach. Flower fragrance is more noticeable in the evening.
Form: Low branching, Multi trunk, Natural form, Patio tree, Shrub
Best Uses: A striking plant for a border while flowering. Does not have an attractive appearance in winter, so best mixed in with other plants.
This plant is poisonous and as the flowers are so attractive it may be best to not plant where there are small children.
Recommended Placement: Can tolerate full sun or partial shade. Protect from strong winds and frost.
Optimal Soil: It requires well drained loamy soil

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